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I’ve been slacking lately. You’ll have to excuse my extreme tardiness. However, I have been out on my bike. Here a recent pic of my bike, in which I’ve had the same set-up for ten years plus. No joke. Enjoy.

BBB TR 11.28.13

Saturday Splendor

Can you believe it? Look at that ladies and gents (mostly, hopefully ladies). Look at that ol’ boy, out on the bike, ripping it up, keeping it real. First day back out, it’s been over two months, and the back is feeling like its old self. Not bad, not bad at all. 

           Snapped with my worn iPhone. 

SplendorThink I even managed a mild tan while out riding. Sun draped the valley in its golden splendor. I think we hit the mid 70’s today? That’s a big plus for the end of March. Pretty spectacular. 



For Chris…

This one is for you bro…


365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #84

Riding bikes. BBB style. Late January. 

Riders: Jeremy Wilder, Sonny Tremain. 

Karl to Turbine.

Pedal Metal.

Thinking of Jeff. Hiker.

I LOVE this trick. No handed hang-5. 

Setting up for a whopper.





Pocket texting. 

Style Cat.



Power of Ten.

Real ears.

BBB advertisement. Behind bars for life.

Vert champ.

Here is number 84…