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Clouded Bridge


365 Days of Photography with Day Number 71…

Day 71…

©365-71Old 22 Bridge

Another July

©Albany Willamette

July being swept on the Willamette River. Albany, Oregon. 

Revolving Journey

©Revolving Journey

Revolving Journey. That’s the title. I really like this one. It’s something I’ve been wanting to shoot for a long while. Around nine this evening I hesitated, sat my camera down, and brought this image to life.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 90…Fashion

Here is Day Number 90…

M17 So fashion.

If you’d like to see a few others from our sideways shower fashion photo session, then click here: Molli’s Photo Gallery.

Buckshot Gusts

It’s been horrid outside. Pelting rain, sideways, sounding like buckshot on window panes. It’s really annoying. I’ve been contemplating on giving my camera a shower, a beating like no other. Psychotic wind gusts are howling insanities, going from kinda nifty to quite disturbing. 

Just another showery day in the Willamette Valley. 

I’m posting an older pic, one from I believe this last fall? Or late summer. It was a good weekend trip, no pain, no problems, everything was great. Dad and I found a few ancient fishing shacks (“Those are actually huts there Paul”) along the river. This was in The Dalles, largest city in Wasco County. Wasco country. That’s what Wasco County amounts too, nothing but country. 


This is thee original. So deep thinks thy artist. I just remember it being a feel good kind of morning. I had wiped our cameras sensors squeaky clean the night before, using bathroom dish soap, all while dad edited on a laptop he found in the hotel lobby. Some Sasquatch show was on TV (“Shout out to Timothy, yo!”), with neither of us paying much attention. 


 Playing around, I decided on bringing the bridge to life. “So much depth behind the arteeest.” It’s amazing the file size of the original, 29.8 megabytes, being shot with my 14mm. All the nerds are going, “Oh wow, hee hee, that’s actually not that great of a size compared to my Sony 5.8.s.” A little cropping, about three minutes of quick editing, and it’s the new within the old. “So artistic. I bet he drinks only the finest white wines. He’s probably from Hood River.” I’m not calling this a throwback. That’s like the latest hipster phrase, “throwback.” Anything they can grab from the 70’s or 80’s, then resurrecting the hell out of it. 



365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #343

Interested in a beautiful fall hike? Along a beautiful river? Along with fiery amber hues? 

Here is number 343…

 Let’s take a gander along the upper McKenzie River. We’re looking at plush banks. Ever saturated banks. 

Alive with vibrant colors. 

We’re looking at, or maybe even testing, natural bridges…

 …Or unnatural. 

 Fall is a unique time along the upper McKenzie River.

These photos were taken along trail numbers…

 Get out before the real cold, the real rain, the real dampness hits. Do it before it’s too late!