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Just Like That…


Gone Nuts.

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They Were Hers

Whenever I see these guys, they remind me of her. They’re top brass tough, not much different than she. They’re beyond curious and so was she, never stopping unless Dennis needed a prod or ten from Bailey the White Rabbit, tap tapping the shaft of her cane before poking it in his general direction. She would be nodding in agreement if she were here, puzzle in one hand, pizza in the other.

They were her favorite. She was one of mine.

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Bread Winner


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The Neighbor


Flaky Situations

©BN1Crows are unusually intelligent. However, this guy was stuck in a sticky suet situation. His buddy cawed in peremptory fashion, raising quite a ruckus while flakes pelted their polished backs.

 ©BN2A house finch feasts with temporary refuge from a blindsided breeze.  

 ©BN3Staring contest between a downy’s watchful eye and my 85mm. I’d like to say I won, because I got the pic. However, my shutter would have equalled a blink, so…

Mr Downy 1

Mr Miller 0