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365 Days of Flash Photography, Days 114-115. REAL Haunted Cellar!

Here is Day Number 114…

Adjusted114Haunted propane. Sometimes the stove ignites itself, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you can hear the distant drips of coffee, slowly filling lost mugs of the past. And every once in a blue moon, Boyd’s drops by, the ghosts of yesteryear, stealing the last of the gas, leaving the stove empty and abandoned. And so it sits to this day, abandoned, haunted. Foggy memories with faint aromas drifting aimlessly, begging the question, “Is that Allann Bros?” With an even quicker reply, “No, that’s Holstein’s Coffee, from The Dalles.”

 Here is Day Number 115…

Adjusted115“An empty fridge without creamer is like an empty soul without java.” -Paul Miller, Great Pics Photography