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Certainty of Uncertainty


What is the degree of independence? This scene played out at my birdbath, and it was a break of sorts from feeding and fears of the Cooper’s hawk lurking from just beyond the laurels. Or at least that’s how it appeared, playing out in my mind as a serene act. So I began wondering about thoughts, and the breaks in between. Meditation of sorts. Focusing on that space in between thoughts. It’s fleeting like most things in life, but it’s a start towards awareness before the Cooper’s hawk of uncertainty becomes a certainty. Or perhaps I’m just thinking aloud.

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Light Ahead

lightahead-adjustedLight Ahead

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overnighter-adjustedAs Dennis would put it, “Dropping the camera once yet again.”

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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 84-87…

Day 84…

©365-84Christmas Eve dinner with the fam. 

Day 85…

©365-85Christmas tree this year.

Day 86…

©365-86Where Santa exports troubled elves.

Day 87…

©365-87Bit of flow.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 43…

Here Is Day Number 43… 

Where did you sleep last night.

Adjusted43Steps to the hereafter, while course of movement plays upon a changing horizon. A novelty of emotions. A uniqueness in life.

Okay, setting apart the whole dramatic and expressive state, this pic always reminds me of Nirvana’s “Where did you sleep last night.” From MTVs Unplugged album. Who would of thought?





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